Bridget Kozlow

Hi! My name is Bridget Kozlow, and I've been with Jamberry since July 2014. I feel so incredibly lucky to be a Team Manager to a team of hard-working, supportive, and wonderful women! I didn't know what I was in for when I participated in an online Jamberry party or tried my first sample, but I knew right away that I loved the nail wraps! I'm so glad I took a risk by seizing the opportunity to start my own business. I was a full-time working mom for the first two years of my business, and now I work my Jamberry business full time. None of it would be possible without the supportive Jamberry community! This has been such a wonderfully enriching and rewarding ride. To top it off, I always have pretty nails that I do at home and I get paid to party! Lucky, indeed!

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